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Chatterpal Bonus My review 20 Crazy BONUSES

Date: 2019-02-27 06:08:12

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👉 20 BONUSES 🔥

Chatterpa sales page 👉

Convert Ordinary Websites, Blogs & Funnels into SMART Sales Machines.
Engage And Captivate Attention With Interactive 3D Avatars & Award Winning Text-to-Speech.
Automate Leads and Sales Without Optin Forms or Landing Pages.
Create Unlimited ChatterPals For Yourself or Sell To Clients Using Commercial License!ChatterPal gives you your very own AI-powered personal chat agent, who’s always on the job!
It can reach out, connect, and interact with your site visitors in ways that you never could before!
Boost engagement, reduce bounce rates, get more leads into your sales funnel, and most importantly… earn more profit!

With our cutting-edge 3D avatar animation, as well as our dynamic life-like text-to-speech and lip-sync technology, you can easily create a custom-branded avatar chat agent…

The FE offer includes:

43 Interactive 3D Avatars –
Male, Female and Animals with logo mapping.
55 Premium Text-To-Speech Voices in 25 languages –
Same voice technology that powers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
+ 10 Ready-Made Chat Templates –
Customize the templates as you like to create your own!
Fluid Logo Mapping Technology –
Map any logo on to the 3D Avatars, the logos automatically adapt to the movements of the avatar!

Artificial Intelligence “Chat Automation” Technology –
offer coupons, book appointments, take custom orders, offer customer support and whole lot more!

Smart Analytics –
Get instant feedback and find winning campaigns.
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Chatterpa bonus👉

Chatterpa sales page 👉

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